Smooth Transitions to Your New Job


Resigning and starting a new job is oftentimes a lot more difficult than most people imagine. People don’t think about it before they find a new job because they are so focused on interviewing. They figure, “Well, I’ll worry about that later.” Oftentimes, candidates, unfortunately, burn bridges with their present employer as they leave to start a new position. They forget that somewhere down the line they are going to need a job reference from their present employer. This tutorial teaches how to resign with grace and style preserving integrity and character.

Resigning always seems easy enough. Starting a job seems the same way. But there are better ways, in fact, much better ways that most job candidates are unaware of. This tutorial shows the candidate how to resign with grace and style no matter how difficult the environment might be. In fact, done correctly, even the most difficult situation can turn into a positive job reference for the future. This tutorial will also discuss the best techniques to start a new job.


"I was literally dreading having to resign. I’ve been with my company for 12 years and I knew that my resignation was going to be a shock. You taught me how to deal with it so no one’s emotions got out of hand. I practiced what you taught so well that when I resigned, I didn’t even cry."

- Cheryl K, Lexington, KY

"Thanks, this tutorial was like the cherry on the cake. It was a bonus to be able to learn how to resign so gracefully. I took your advice about starting my new job. Even some of the little things recommended paid big dividends. I’ve been there 64 days now and already they’re talking to me about a promotion."

- Jesse F., Miami, FL