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From beginning to end, this 45 hour Self-Paced (No Audio), Online program reveals how to manage the job search process in today's difficult business environment. You will learn a systematic, practical approach to every aspect of a successful job search.

There are three major reasons people have trouble finding a job. They don't know what to do! They don't know how to do it! They don't do enough of it! A recent survey found that 86% of a group of 15,000 job seekers were resorting to only two activities to find a job...calling a few friends and sending resumes to internet job postings. The Job Search Solution explains exactly what to do for an effective job search well beyond these two fruitless activities. It details exactly how to do all of the right things to land a job, and it helps you manage the process so you do enough of it. It is an intense, systematic, step-by-step process.

By purchasing the whole program, you can choose tutorials that are most important to you at the moment. The ideal is to go thru the whole program, then go back to specific, pertinent tutorials. But, if you have an interview tomorrow, the most important thing you can do is study the tutorial on interviewing. With the whole program, you can return to each tutorial as you need it. If you are receiving a job offer and need help negotiating, the tutorial about resumes is not as important as the one about negotiating the best possible job offer. If you are just beginning your job search, the tutorial about follow-up and final interviews isn't as important to you as the ones on massive action, getting interviews and writing the perfect resume. Accessing the whole program gives you the flexibility to use the tutorials as you need them.

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"I was employed for 15 years with the same company. I got laid off and had been looking for a job for six months with no luck. I purchased The Job Search Solution. Within four weeks I had four interviews and two job offers. I started my new job last Monday. Thank you, Tony. Your system works."

- Carlton M., Houston, Texas

"I had to purchase The Job Search Solution for my husband. He had done everything possible to find a job, paid for a resume, been to job fairs and our church's career counseling. Nothing seemed to help. At first, I had to take The Job Search Solution program myself and feed it to him a little at a time. When he discovered that what you teach works, he started studying and applying it for himself. He had a great final interview yesterday and we expect an offer tomorrow. P.S. He really learned. Even though we were told he is getting an offer tomorrow, he went on another interview this morning, just like you said to do."

- Sylvia S., Park Cities, Utah