Looking for a Job When You Have One


Most people think that it’s a lot easier to look for a job when you have one. It isn’t. In fact looking for a job when you have one presents all kinds of difficult challenges. It’s just not as easy as everyone thinks. Looking for a job when you have one is like having two jobs and most people find it to be a real struggle, especially in today’s difficult interviewing environment. With this Tutorial, you will learn the most effective way to juggle both having a job and looking for one.

Psychologically, it’s more comforting to have a job even though you need to find a new one. Most candidates think that it is a position of “strength.” Although it might be psychologically comforting, it makes the job search a whole lot more difficult. Candidates often think that if they are presently employed, they are more valuable to a hiring authority. That simply isn’t so. Most hiring authorities don’t care whether you have a job or not. They care about what they want and you are no better or less a candidate if you are presently employed.

This Tutorial will teach a candidate to manage keeping a job and finding a new one at the same time.


"Tony, you were right. I thought because I had a job, I was more valuable to a hiring authority. It helped to be presently employed, at least this time, because of the fear of being out of work (which I have experienced before). The people that I have been interviewing with don’t seem to care that much. In fact having a job made interviewing a lot more difficult. I’m glad you put it in perspective for me."

- Peter L, St. Louis, MO