Negotiating the Best Job Offer


Most job seekers think that negotiating a job offer is the easiest part of the interviewing process. It is so easy to blow this part of the job search by not having a specific strategy and technique. The techniques of negotiating that you will learn in this tutorial will guarantee the best possible job offer.

“We’re going to make you an offer” is music to my candidates’ ears. Most often a candidate stops selling themselves and figures their job search is complete. Not yet! Great job offers or potential job offers are lost at least 40% of the time because candidates don’t know how to negotiate in the right way. Candidates find it so easy to negotiate business deals for the people they have worked for and totally fail at negotiating a job offer for themselves.

This tutorial offers structured techniques for a candidate to get the best possible job offer without running the risk of losing the job. One of these techniques has been responsible for getting candidates as much as $50,000 higher starting salary than was published by the hiring organization.


"Tony, I use your techniques to negotiate. I used one line you recommended when the hiring authority made me an offer. I simply looked at him and after a few seconds of silence, I gave him your line, “Is that the best you can do?” He immediately upped the salary $7500. One question earned me a $7500 increase."

- Paul M., San Diego, CA

"My negotiations and every offer I’ve gotten have been so confident and precise. I’ve got three offers in front of me and negotiated each one of them using your techniques. I had no idea it would be this easy."

- George R., Trumbull, CT