Overcoming Employer Biases


There are a number of inherent biases that most all employers have that will hold you back in your job search. They have little to do with your ability to do a job but are huge hurdles for hiring authorities. Being fired... laid-off... out of work for an extended period of time... having had too many jobs... wanting to change careers... re-entering the workforce... divorce... being over 50, etc., are all big red flags and concerns with hiring authorities. This tutorial teaches the candidate how they deal with these biases... even turn them into positives.

This tutorial instructs a candidate how to deal with difficult “elephants in the room” regarding their experience or background. Being fired... laid off... out of work for an extended period of time... having too many jobs... having too many short stints at jobs... wanting to change careers... re-entering the workforce from retirement, childbirth, divorce, death of a loved one, extended personal illness, having to care for a family member, relocation of a spouse, leaving military service, relocating, being over 50 years old, being a woman, a minority or a foreign-born minority are all discussed in this tutorial. Candidates will learn how to address these situations before they become an issue and even make them positive reasons for an employer to hire them. This is an invaluable tutorial for anyone who imagines these biases are standing in their way.


"All my friends told me that my age would work against me in my job search. Since I never had trouble finding a job before now, I didn’t believe them... I thought I was different. It was like starting all over. It’s depressing. It isn’t right, isn’t fair. I was so frustrated."

- Joe S., Sarasota FL

"I’d been out of work for six months. Sometimes I even knew it was being held against me. Then I didn’t even know how to deal with it once I discovered it was standing in my way. Your way of helping me deal with it was invaluable."

- Darren L., Ypsilanti, Mich.