Massive Action - How to Get More Interviews


Most people know that next to getting a job offer, getting interviews is the most important thing that they can do. In spite of that, most people don’t know how to develop a systematic strategy of massive action to get interviews. Looking for a job is a numbers game. This tutorial teaches and sustains massive action to get interviews.

Action overcomes fear. The best way job seekers can overcome the doubt, uncertainty, and fear of job loss or having to look for a job is to take massive action. Most people think they know what to do, but beyond posting a resume on a number of job sites, sending their resume to job postings and calling a few friends, recruiters, etc... they really don’t. A recent study showed that 69% of 3000 job seekers polled, after a three-week period of job searching, were only doing two major job search activities. They were emailing a resume to job board postings and calling old friends. This Tutorial teaches a systematic approach to massive activities to get more interviews.


"Man, this really was the best. Looking back on it, I realize how naive I was about how hard looking for a job would be. The systematic approach recommended forced me to focus on the process and not the results. Brilliant! It has made looking for a job so much easier."

- Sam P., Houston, TX

"I had a strategy... find a job posting, send my resume and wait. It was so frustrating and so unproductive. I just didn’t realize how much of an effort in all of these activities I needed to do. Much easier now. Still hard, but I feel more in control."

- Nitin P., Des Moines, IA