The Perfect Resume for Today’s Digital Environment
& the Ideal Resume Strategy


There are few topics regarding the job search that have garnered more attention and opinions. I receive more than 200 resumes a week and use at least 100 of them a week to help my candidates get interviews and get jobs. I know what works!

Most people write resumes they like. They have no idea what hiring authorities like. This Tutorial reveals the results of a survey of over 6000 hiring authorities who were asked what they liked and disliked in the resumes they received. These aren’t the opinions of some resume writer, but the opinions of people who hire.

95% of all resumes are going to be delivered via e-mail. How does this medium alter the effectiveness of your resume? 60% of all resumes aren’t even read by the right people... the hiring authorities. How can you ensure your resume is going to be read by the hiring authority? What is the best format to use when sending a resume via e-mail? What should your “resume strategy” be after you write one? This tutorial answers those questions.

PLUS: 75 sample resumes for just about every profession


"Now I know how boring my resume was. I had a first page full of junk that nobody read. No wonder I wasn’t getting interviews. The resume I have now is getting me interviews. It was so simple. I just followed the resume example in the Job Search Solution."

- Ted S., Detroit, MI

"My resume ‘strategy,’ unfortunately, was to hit the ‘send’ key. I had no idea the people reading my resumes were reading so many more. Now I know. It gets scanned, not read, and most often by the wrong people. But my new ‘strategy’ you taught me, Tony, is getting me two interviews a week. Thanks, Tony!"

- Brad H., Tampa, FL