Finding a Job on the Internet


The Internet has revolutionized the hiring process. Some of the Internet’s advantages have become disadvantages for job seekers. This Tutorial will highlight the best uses of the Internet to find a job, and steer you clear of the nonproductive ones.

The Internet has been revolutionary in helping you find a job. However, most of the activities that people indulge in confuse activity with productivity. LinkedIn, for instance, can be a great help in finding a job. It can also be a really big distraction and waste of time. Because people can control their activities on the Internet, they have a tendency to waste a lot of time thinking they are looking for a job while spending time on the Internet. Hitting the “send” button is not looking for a job. This tutorial instructs one on how to get the most out of the Internet in your job search, as well as avoiding pitfalls.


"I spent hours doing the wrong things on the Internet. Tony, you are right when you explain that people confuse productivity with activity. I was hitting that send button thinking I was finding a job. Thanks for your help. I’m now using the Internet in the right way."

- Dave B., Montgomery, AL

"My wife kept telling me that I was spending way too much time sending resumes on the Internet, managing my LinkedIn profile and designing my personal website and blog. I had read a number of books that said you could get a job that way. My wife was glad when I shared with her what you taught me. I now spend most of my time trying to get interviews in a direct way. Harder work, but much more profitable."

- Donnie F., Denver, CO