Frequently Asked Questions

I can't hear sound on any of the tutorials.

All Tutorials are self-paced programs, without audio. Only recorded webinars and videos have audio.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, Tony guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. If you are having problems accessing the tutorials, we'd like to help you resolve that first. In either case, send an email to Note that if you request a refund more than 60 days after your purchase, there is a small (~2.5%) Paypal processing fee that cannot be refunded.

I purchased tutorials days ago and have not received access.

You should receive two emails immediately after completing your purchase: (1) a receipt from Paypal, (2) an email with your login password. In any event, after you have paid you can click on "Customer Sign in" above, then click on "Forgot Password" and you will receive a new email with your login instructions. Note that you must use the same email to access the tutorials that you used to purchase them.

How long do I have to access the tutorials after I purchase?

You have one year from the date of purchase to access The Job Search Solution tutorials.

Can I access the tutorials from any computer?

Yes. Use the login information you received in your email. At this time, JSS must run on Flash-supported systems, so iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone will not display the tutorials.

I can't access the tutorials on my Mac / Safari / Chrome / Firefox.

In July 2015, Apple, Google, and Firefox restricted use of Flash in their browsers until Adobe released a critical security patch.

  1. Go to in your web browser and download/install the latest version of Flash.
  2. On Mac: close and re-open your browser. On Windows: re-boot your PC.
  3. Then log into your account at and view the tutorial

In August 2016 - Google announced it will move away from Flash with its PC Chrome browser.

  1. In the Google Chrome Browser, enter chrome://settings/content/flash in the address box.
  2. Under "Allow", click [Add]
  3. Enter "" and hit [Submit]
  4. Now, return to the tutorial page you are trying to view, and reload the page.

I am not able to access my account or I lost my login information.

Click on "Customer Sign In" above, then click on "Forgot password."

I am logged in, but I still cannot access the tutorials.
  1. First, make sure that you are accessing the Tutorials from the link under "Tutorials", after you have signed in to the account that you purchased the tutorials with.
  2. The tutorials work best in Chrome or Firefox browsers. They will also work in Internet Explorer and Safari, but they do not work on iPad or iPhone
  3. Depending on your Internet connection speed, it will take between 5 seconds up to a minute or two to load the tutorials on your screen. You will see a white screen below the title until your tutorials load. Most people will see the tutorials in a few seconds.
  4. You could also try re-booting your computer, and only open the browser in your applications list.
  5. If you still cannot access the Tutorials, take a screen shot of your computer and send it to

Can I purchase the tutorials and use them as a teaching tool in my class or group?

Yes, your license allows you to share the tutorial in a class or group meeting; however, if any students wish to view the tutorials after the meeting, they will have to purchase their own copy.

Do I have to pay with Paypal?

No. Select the "pay with Credit Card or Check" option on the checkout screen.

I am a non-profit, why am I being charged sales tax?

Please purchase the tutorial with tax, then send us proof of your non-profit status (e.g. an IRS Determination Letter or the URL of a web site with that information), and we will refund your sales tax.

Why did you charge me 8.25% sales tax when my state's sales tax is lower?

The Job Search Solution is based in Dallas, Texas, so we charge the Texas state sales tax rate for all transactions. Texas has an "origin-based" sales tax law, unlike most states that have a "destination-based" sales tax. For more information see:

Can I listen to a Webinar at a later date?

Yes. The recording will be available the day after the webcast. Use the same link that you used to register to access the Webinar recording.

Where can I get additional help?

Send an email to Note that with the volume of email that Tony receives, he cannot answer questions about your personal situation or job search. If you live in the Dallas area and are a client of Babich & Associates, please visit